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Waterproof LED Tape has a special plastic coating by customribbon
May 14th, 2019, 8:41 pm
Waterproof LED Tape has a special plastic coating called an IP rated coating. This coating is designed to stop moisture from reaching the internal components on the LED Tape. The degree of protection offered by an IP coating varies considerably and ranges anywhere from no protection to complete protection.The standard for waterproof LED Tape is IP65, which features a coating of silicone gel.
IP65 LED Tape can withstand partial exposure to water, including splashes, jets and condensation. This makes it suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms where the presence of plumbing and water outlets places a restriction on the location of lighting fittings. It is also advisable to use waterproof LED Tape around the edge of windows where there is a tendency for moisture to form on cold days. Submerging this type of tape is not recommended as water will still be able to seep in and damage the internal components.One of the main advantages of IP65 LED Tape is that even when it is cut it still remains waterproof. Other types of LED Tape cannot be cut, as doing so will compromise their waterproof coating. An example of this is IP68 tape, which features a hollow plastic ‘sleeve’ into which the tape is inserted.
While it does offer better protection, it cannot be cut, as the tape will be exposed and water will be able to pass into the sleeve.When selecting waterproof LED Tape it is also very important to consider the peripheral units. Conventional power supplies/driver and, in the case of RGB LED Tape, control units and amplifiers are not waterproof. If you can keep these units away from moisture all the better, but if it is unavoidable there are IP rated versions available. Never submerge these units!For most other applications normal LED Tape should be sufficient. However, it is worth noting that an IP rated coating isn’t just designed to waterproof the tape, it also designed to prolong the life as it protects the tape against physical contact and trauma. This is particular important if you plan on using the tape as a floor feature, such as along the lips of a stair well.Always seek the advice of a professional electrician as dealing with electricity and water is potentially very dangerous. Even though LED Tape uses a low voltage direct current, exposure to water is still enough to short circuit the delicate components.For more details,you can visit:woven label Factory
Pink ribbon purse charm is one of those fundraising by customribbon
May 7th, 2019, 8:59 pm
Pink ribbon purse charm is one of those fundraising merchandizes, which are being popularly sold over Internet, in order to collect and raise funds for those people, who are living their lives in great pain and miseries. When you look around the world, you see so much of pain and distress in the lives of people that you are forced to think about the causes, due to which people are living gloomy lives.
There are certain diseases, which have become the vital reason for bringing the lives of the people into the murkiness and cancer is one of the most common ones. There are different kinds of cancer, which have taken the lives of millions of people including skin, lungs, kidneys, liver, blood, breast cancer and a number of others as well. The treatment for this chronicle and fatal diseases has been fortunately known and now millions of patients are living healthy and happy lives after undergoing from the treatment for cancer, but an unfortunate part is that the cost of this treatment is very high and poor people cannot afford the expenses of this treatment. Now you will see that many charitable organizations are putting in great efforts in bringing happiness back in the loves of poor people. These organizations are into fundraising, through which their system has been strengthened to the greatest extent. In order to provide free of cost treatment to breast cancer patients, many charities are selling different merchandizes, along with which the ribbons of pink colors are attached and among all those things, pink ribbon purse charm is one of the most prominent ones. Pink ribbon purse charm is not being only sold for the purpose of raising funds for breast cancer patients, but this beautiful and delicate charm is also being sold, in order to collect funds and donations for the well being of birthparents and to educate people regarding the childhood cancer.
It means that this item has attained great importance. If you will purchase this charm for yourself, then the amount which you will pay, will directly go to those charities, which will be helping a huge segment of our society and in this way you can really bring in positive change in your societies. Pink ribbon purse charm has spread awareness all around, as the pink ribbon which has been attached with this clip, helps in attracting the attention of more and more people because people are pretty much informed about the fact that pink ribbon signifies one of the most noble causes. This clip has now become awareness purse charm, which has become the hottest selling fundraising merchandizes, over Internet. This elegant and delicate clip can be used as a clip or hanging for your handbag or it can also be used a key chain. If you will purchase this clip for yourself, then you will get to have around 27 charms in a beautiful gift box. If you also want to become a part of such a noble and generous cause, then you should buy pink ribbon purse charm.For more details,you can visit:Wholesale Grosgrain Ribbons Manufacturers
Mens tuxedo sends out a powerful style statement by customribbon
April 25th, 2019, 9:13 pm
Today, you open your favorite social media site and you come across at least one wedding album uploaded from either a friend or an extended friend or even a celebrity. You can’t help but notice the setting, the destination, the bride and nowadays the most important, the groom. Yes, the grooms are now catching up with the latest fashion trends and are here to steal the show.
Gone are the days when only women had the best options to dress up. It is these new men who are approaching designers for their groom clothing and proving that it is not just the day of the bride.Right from pre-wedding shoots to post-wedding galore, the groom is all game and sometimes even the highlight. Traditional Indian weddings last for an average three days and to stand out on each day, one can choose from a myriad of options ranging from formal wear to traditional wear that include achkans, sherwani, kurta pyjama, and Jodhpuri suits and mens tuxedo.Style statement of mens tuxedoFormal suits for a wedding are a dying choice for men because they look very similar especially nowadays when they are so common in offices. They just don’t make a difference anymore, so to celebrate yourself you can choose a well-fitted tuxedo. Mens tuxedo sends out a powerful style statement and makes an ideal wedding suit. What discriminates a tux from other suits is its satin layers. It primarily has a satin facing on its lapels, buttons, the outer stream of the leg of the trouser and sometimes on the pockets.Bandhgala jacket for marriagesAnother ensemble to carry at a wedding is the Bandhgala jacket. Even in this age of overnight changing trends, this attire can never go out of style. Bandhgala jacket is a variation of the Nehru jacket but with longer sleeves. It is hip-length with a mandarin collar and the lightest touch of sherwani on the front. Bandhgala jacket is a great substitute to a tuxedo.
The jacket offers an exemplary finish which gives it a very bold look and can instantly make a difference in the personality. Because of its simplicity and a reflection of the modern lifestyle, this outfit is very popular among the current lot and can be worn by teaming it with a kurta, a trouser, a basic shirt, and jeans or jodhpuri pants.Why mens tuxedo is greatChoosing the right mens tuxedo makes a difference as it brings out the element of character and individuality to the look and so it is fun to look out for new styles by well-known designers and blend it into your personality and create your best dress. Team this up with custom ribbon tape Manufacturers available groom clothing accessories such as a bow tie, cummerbunds, cufflinks and a vest. Cummerbunds are however new to Indian styling but can be a welcoming experiment. A tux marks sophistication and the point of wearing it is not just to dress up and look nice but to wear something very special that you won’t wear anywhere else.
Sarees Designed According To The Theme by customribbon
April 15th, 2019, 10:42 pm
A long, flowing pallu adorned in kundan, zari, lace, patch, embroidery, beads, or a work of fascination; a beautiful border making a subtle yet noticeable statement; the fabric like net, satin, chiffon, crepe, georgette, silk, cotton, etc. embracing the body the way one desires; yes, we are talking about Fashion Sarees. The demand for Sarees, being one of the favorite picks of the Indian lasses and ladies during all occasions, never settles. In order to cater to the demand, Fashion Sarees’ Designers and Exporters are working hand in hand to make the Sarees available to the length and breadth of the country and abroad.
Sarees Designed According To The ThemesThe fashion-conscious Indian beauties have a knack for dressing themselves according to the occasion. And if they have desire to drape themselves in a beautiful saree, she is bound to choose a saree as per the demand of the occasion. To complement the theme of the day, the market is flooded with a number of Sarees that are designed accordingly such as casual sarees, formal/work sarees, Fashion Sarees, party-wear Sarees, summer sarees, wedding sarees, sarees designed specially for fillies, etc. The Choice Of FabricHowever, there are times when a woman makes her mind to Buy Fashion Sarees in the desired material. The materials that are ruling the roost of the market go from chiffon to cotton, crepe, dupion silk, georgette, kanchipuram, lace, satin, matka silk, net, organza silk, pure silk, tussar silk, uppada, viscose, tissue, jute, khadi, kota, chanderi, and they are endless. Work That Overwhelms The SareesThere is a bountiful availability of sarees, each showing off a unique yet fascinating piece of work, made available at the disposal of the women in search for a particular type of saree.
The market displays appliqué work sarees, batik sarees, attached border sarees, concept design, cut-work sarees, embroidered sarees, hand-block printed sarees, kalamkari sarees, kundan work sarees, woven sarees, beaded sarees, and so on. Embroidery Sarees in West Bengal are majestically designed and are exemplary drapes that epitomize artistry skills of the craftsmen at the location.Whether it is wedding, birthday celebration, party, get-together, family function, an office party, or whatever; Sarees are bound to flatter the ladies. Some of them overwhelm the wearer by simplicity, while others add extravagant sex appeal to the attire. No matter however they are, they have always been loved by gorgeousness from all over the world:polyester satin